Tavern “Novo Prerovo”

Tavern “Novo Prerovo” is located in Obilićeva 60, at the point where for many years stood and worked the old tavern. Today, with new people and a new offer, top quality and service, reasonable prices and a pleasant atmosphere, it can satisfy all gourmet appetites. And we also offer what is rarely found elsewhere: lamb rolls, stewed beef tails, pork leg with cream, sweetbreads, veal’s head in tripe, stuffed zucchini …

Serbs always prefer the taverns. Checkered tablecloths, a large selection of selected local cuisine, unobtrusive service and friendly atmosphere, this is what attracts those who celebrate and those who mourn. The right place for socializing and chatting with excellent food and drink. Combining the demands of the modern pace of life with the tradition of old Serbian tavern “Novo Prerovo” is on its way to become a true institution of catering in Krusevac.

Welcome !

Opening hours: from 08.00 to 22.00 (Sundays from 13.00 to 21.00)

Capacity: 40 seats inside, 30 seats in the garden

Jelovnik Karta pića


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